The first time I heard about the Signature Yishun was when I was at the golf course with some friends. We were able to see the development through the following months, and I was impressed with everything I saw about it. I still had not considered it a place for me to personally look into as far as living there until I got an incredible job offer that I was not expecting. I had been working my way up the corporate ladder, and I guess that my determination has been noticed by others.

This new job would put me real close to the Signature development, and I knew that it would be the perfect location for me to start looking at. I was not sure of any of the features they offered or the layout of their different condos, and I knew the easiest way to find all of this out would be to go to the official website for the condo development. That was easy enough for me to find, and the wealth of information that I found on the site was very impressive. I already knew that I would enjoy it because it is so close to my favorite golf course and where I will be working, but I quickly found out there are many other reasons to like it too.

I looked at the two bedroom condos because I just did not need anything bigger. I am a bachelor with no plans on having children, so even when I get married this is going to be big enough. It has all of the outdoor features that I would take advantage of, including a basketball court. I had not played in years, but seeing this feature sparked a renewed interest in me. I had no plans on doing this, but as it turns out, it is the right move for me.